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Secure Access Infrastructure (SAI42)

In the digital era, coping, sharing the data has become child’s play. Thanks to Cyber-security, sensitive data and applications can still only be accessed after successful user authentication. Ensuring the user accountability and content security is still a largely unsolved problem. It takes more than authentication, encryption to prevent users from avertently/ inadvertently copy-pasting, sharing extremely sensitive content because controlling user actions is a challenging affair.


SAI42 creates a next generation controlled access environment

The end users use a set of ultra secure devices to authenticate and access sensitive data, endpoints, applications with a Hardware Level Zero Trust and access media security controls.

How does it work?

Security Controlled Access Kiosk

Once a user authenticates, an intuitive single click access launch dashboard is shown. This dashboard can have remote endpoint, web application launchers pre-configured by the Administrators for the specified end user. The ACCESS42 Kiosk mode restricts various OS controls and Browser Controls to ensure content does not leave the encrypted device.

Secure Admin Driven Provisioning

SAI42 features a hardened end user device such as a laptop, tablet that runs a special purpose ACCESS42 application. SAI42 Administrators are enabled with seamless/ bulk user onboarding, Device Management, Access Gateway Configurator to ensure convenient provisioning.

Hardware Token Based Authentication

ACCESS42 can be configured to have a mandatory hardware token based authentication wherein, only users with the AUTH42 token can authenticate with the ACCESS42 Application. This boosts the security even further adding a hardware token possession for ultra-secure access requirements.

Online and Offline Content Delivery

In addition to ACCESS42 Zero trust Access, SAI42 Offline mode features AUTH42 Token that can be enabled to deliver the static content to the access device in offline mode. This takes the security to the next level by eliminating the network requirement for the access endpoint.

Encrypted Data Sandbox

SAI42 also features a block level encrypted storage sandbox that is unlocked only after successful authentication. This ensures that the secured content remains encrypted at all times and never leaves the secured device.


Key Differentiators

  • Indigenous Solution

  • Quantum Safe Online Authentication

  • Hardware Level Zero Trust Access

  • Kiosk Access Environment

  • Hardware Token Based Authentication

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