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  • SIGN42 provides mechanism to electronically sign documents an transactions basis the I-AM® Cryptographic identity technology.

  • SIGN42 eliminates the need of using the PKI/ digital certificates required for signing. 

  • Its compliant with various regulatory frameworks across the globe.


Whats the basis of eSigning when one just add initial/ image on a document? 


Signature basis the cryptographic identity.

How does it work?


I-AM® Cryptographic Digital Identity Technology along with Identity Based Authenticated Key Agreement protocol defines inter identity key exchange and eSignature . On successful Multi Factor Authentication and cryptographic handshake, the generated symmetric key between users is used to encrypt the hash of an asset/(s) to generate a signature that can then be embedded with that asset.

Support for Existing Technologies

Various types of signatures supported including but not limited to simple electronic signatures (with logo, timestamp), Advanced Electronic Signatures such as

I-AM® CI2, Qualified Electronic Signatures such as PKI based Digital Signatures. Based on the business need enterprises can use relevant eSignature technologies for various use cases.


Sender downloads the SIGN42 app, activates via a simple onboarding process. Uploads the file and gets signed/ tamperproof and uniquely encrypted file Sends file to recipient. Recipient checks integrity, senders’ signature, decrypts the file and consumes.


Use Cases 

  • Transaction Banking/ Signing: Signing transactions, cheques, positive pay authorizations

  • Document Signing: Agreements, Contracts, Application Forms

  • Multi-Party Signing: Multiple users signing on an asset

  • Workflow Based Signing: request for signatures, sequence signatures, previews, in-person signing etc.

  • Bulk Signing: Multiple documents signing at once/ as a batch process

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