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Provable Consent/ Transaction Approvals

  • I-AM® Cryptographic Digital Identity Technology is designed to keep the Digital Identities In-charge of their digital operations.

  • Identity Centric digital ecosystem gives primary importance to the identities to have complete control over their activities by asking for permissions for the digital operation in question.

Security & Privacy

Key aspect for PII data protection or for any privacy concerns


Consumers tends to trust brands who takes privacy seriously

  • Many international frameworks and governing agencies for identity and cyber security are realizing that and giving special importance to consent based authorizations for key decisions.

  • I-AM® by design provides a provable consent mechanism.

How does it work?

Consent Request

Enterprise requiring user consent creates an approval attempt with all decision descriptors clearly defined for the users to make an informed decision. The Platform back-end accepts the request from the enterprise and forwards it to the concerned user as a push notification.


User, after receiving the notification, authenticates with the Platform and pulls the consent request from the Platform. User reads the particulars of the Consent request, makes a decision and clicks on Approve/ Reject. While making the decision, the user cryptographically signs the consent response for it to become provable. The response is then forwarded back to the requesting entity.


Once the response is received by an enterprise, the enterprise can interpret the consent request as approved or rejected followed by the cryptographic verification of the consent response. This Cryptographic Verification ensures that the integrity of the decision is maintained throughout and no one can modify the consent response on its way.

Few Illustrative Use Cases

As the data privacy norms become more stringent, the requirement for provable consent will skyrocket across enterprise digital operations. Please find below few of the illustrative use cases - 

Transaction Approval - Record provable approval for the transaction. Such transactions will produce a provable audit trail

PII Data protection - Unless and until a provable consent is recorded the data will not be decrypted and even accessible to enterprise.

While sharing sensitive data with third party obtain and record provable consent from the data owner.

There are instances where multi-party consent is required (e.g., board meetings). I-AM® Identity is the only technology which can obtain provable consent from multiple parties.

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