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Secure Messaging with Ultra Secure USB Data Vault

An Ultra Secure communications solution coupled with secure USB data vault technology was custom developed to cater to niche use cases in the govt sector.

The secure communications and the messaging platform facilitate the on-demand transmission of messages securely over the public internet with end-to-end encryption via the ultra-secure plug-and-play portable USB Data Vault that doubles up as a secure portable encrypted data storage USB Device. The zero trace tech leaves no trace of message over the host device.


Also works in an air gapped network

How does it work?

Secure Appliance Server Infrastructure

The Server Infrastructure is a highly scalable hardened set-up to ensure the orchestration of the solution with a high level of access control, admin management console, and tamper-proof audit trails.

Secure Messaging Application

The Secure messaging app is CONTEXT BASED and thereby visible only to authorized users, devices, and apps and allows the users the flexibility to communicate from anywhere and share text, files, voice, and video with trusted approved contacts only.   

Ultra-Secure Portable USB Data Vault

The custom-built military-grade hardware token (STORE42 USB) is a portable flash drive with inbuilt hidden memory for secure encrypted data storage ensuring complete data control and security for the users even in case of theft or loss scenario.


Key Differentiators

  • Highly Secure Mobility & Data Storage, Secure transmission of messages from any windows machine connected on a public network with MITM proof, tamper proof, and quantum-safe platform.

  • ON-DEMAND, ENCRYPTED, CLOSED (or PRIVATE) and CONTEXT BASED (visible only to authorized users, devices, and apps).

  • Complete control over the messages throughout their entire life cycle (Creation, Transmission, Reception, Consumption, and Destruction).

  • Messages flow through a hosted server but not be stored on the server permanently

  • The messages should be end-to-end encrypted (E2EE) 

  • The messages are in complete control of the sender and who will determine the life, and impose control on the messages [reply, forward, destroy on reading (view once), destroy after X time (set expiry)

  • The communication control policy will determine which user can communicate with a given user.

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