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AUTH42 is military grade hardware authenticator and storage device, the device is make to order specifically designed for defense use cases. Works effectively even in air gapped network. The key and extensible features include - 

  • Quantum-safe authentication.

  • Secure and encrypted storage without needing any key-management. 

  • Policy controls like remote wipe,
    user-computer-token binding, detection and tamperproof audit trails of data usage and more.

Mobility & Control

Complete control on the data but at same time ensures mobility. Have capability to eject unwarranted devices from host.


Manufactured in our Lab.

How does it work?

Deploy, Integrate, Provision users &device
  • Deploy the platform - The platform  AUTH42 appliance is plug and play and can be deployed in hours.

  • Integrate - AUTH42 comes with client software and also SDK which can be integrated with target application/(s).

  • Administrator then can provisions users and devices using a secure admin control. and deploy the policies for access of authenticator and storage function of AUTH42 device.

User access requests

The AUTH42 works even on Airgappned network with pre-approcal work flow for the machines outside of the network. Administrator also can force users to perform "sanitization" of the drive before bringing in the network.

For first time users - when they start using the device the approval of machine and device may also be mandated by admin.


Authentication - Works like 2FA or passwordless authenticator device and uses quantum-safe algorithms. When user requests the access, she is prompted for the token, once token is attached the authentication is successful.

Storage/ Data Transfer - Users can use the device for data transfer and storage across machines (allowed) and networks. All the data/ file transfers are tracked in tamperproof/ provable audit trail. Further to that Admin can also remotely trigger some functions.  

Key Differentiators

  • Indigenous Quantum Safe Authentication with added security modules from the platform

  • Highly Customizable Space (USB Memory Size from 32 to 128GB).

  • Dual Use – Portable USB to transfer data and each USB can host multiple users with complete audit trail.

  • Made in our Lab - customers can request for additional capabilities in AUTH42.

MRP - INR 94,400/- (Subject to MoQ, Terms and Conditions Applied)

Download Datasheet

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