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Cryptographic Authentication

Based on self-sovereign cryptographic digital identity, I-AM    Crypto-ID, the Pi-Control     Cryptographic Authentication puts forth a secure wrapper around the legacy password-based authentication design. Cryptography is the only science that brings provability to any identity verification claim on digital



"With the help of Fortytwo Labs Pi-Control and I-AM Cryptographic Authentication technology we’ve successfully upgraded our internal and external user authentication levels"

IT Head at Reputed Bank


Password based Authentication

Password based authenticators are a widely used means of authentication for digital services. Examples of password based authenticators include a password, a pin, a secret question and answer, a one time password (OTP), offline OTP, transaction password, CVV, VBV. The password based authenticators have inherent vulnerabilities leading to cyber threats and attacks

Password based Authentication Vs. Cryptographic Authentication

Password Auth Vs Crypto Auth

Vulnerabilities of Password based Authentication

Phreeking: Theft over phone call

  1. User gives away password, OTP, CVV to fraudster over a phone call

  2. User authorizes transaction received as a payment link

Social Engineering

  1. Fraudster captures the password using tools

  2. Fraudster guesses the password using user data

  3. User shares it with the fraudster knowingly or unknowingly

Honeypot Attack

  1. User sets one password for all digital accounts, that gets compromised

  2. Email/ document containing all passwords of user compromised


A fraudster sniffs the password through malware on machine or on browser or on router etc.


Pi-Control    Cryptographic Authentication



Pi-Control     is a distributed cryptographic services platform that delivers cryptographic services out of the box. Pi-Control uses I-AM   , a self-sovereign cryptographic digital identity technology.


Pi-Control     Crypto-Auth is the Cryptographic authenticator suite of solutions delivered from Pi-Control     platform. Strong Cryptography with sophisticated digital identity technology platform, allows secure passwordless Cryptographic authentication to any digital enabled application and device. Pi-Control     facilitates cryptographic identity onboarding and subsequently enables passwordless, multifactor Cryptographic authentication.








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