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Cryptographic & Mutual Authentication

The need for mutual authentication was always there and because of the complexity involved in implementing the traditional asymmetric cryptography (2-way-SSL) people started to strengthen the one-way authentication models. 

Fortytwo lab offers a quantum-safe mutual authentication technology that can positively and provably authenticate communicating parties (could be even > 2).

Mutual Authentication

It can thwart large attack vector when extended to apps, web-applications and even APIs


Towards a world where Alice and Bob can positively authenticate each other

How does it work?


A simple-to-use SDK is available to be integrated with your applications/ apps/ mobile apps/ or even APIs.  Detailed developer documents and sample integrations are available on the developer portal.


Perform setup in the administrative portal and distribute the pre-shared information in an out-of-band channel to the SDK consumer. 

The consumer's identity could be onboarded through RPA/ Sync or even manually through administrative portal.


Every time a resource is requested SDK can be invoked to perform truly mutual quantum-safe cryptographic authentication. The resultant of authentication is a key-exchange which then can be used for other cryptographic services.


Key Highlights

  • In a world blindly following age-old cryptographic technologies, I-AM® is on a path-breaking audacious journey toward a future-ready cryptosystem that establishes itself as a quantum-safe digital operation enabling platform. 

  • In addition to the quantum-safe core, the Technology comes with a holistic approach to cyber security with a unified Platform that enables Identity Centric Cryptographic Services for all your security needs.

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