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Passwordless Authentication

Passwordless authentication primarily means verifying user/user's identity without the need of a password.

I-AM® Cryptographic Identity enables a user to login into any application by simply  responding to a notification received on the mobile device.
In addition to this with I-AM® Cryptographic Attribute chain user can use any attribute linked to his identity to login into the application. This enables user to login into application without remembering any specific usernames and passwords with Quantum Safe Cryptographic backend.

Passwordless Authentication
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Improve user experience & security, freedom from passwords

How does it work?

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I-AM® Cryptographic Identity and 

I-AM® Attribute chain provide a mechanism to link various attributes of the user to the same digital Identity. Any of these attributes can be used to perform I-AM® CI-Phi authentication which uniquely identifies the user.

General Misconceptions
General Misconceptions

Not-Secure: I-AM® Passwordless authentication is highly secure and backed by quantum-safe cryptography.
Troublesome Integration: Can be easily integrated by simple API integration in a matter of hours.

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Users will be onboarded on I-AM® platform and will install/activate the I-AM® app on a mobile device. At the time of login, User will open the application URL in any browser, and provide any identifier belonging to its identity. I-AM® platform will derive the corresponding user based on the provided identifier and trigger a notification to the user's registered device. 
Once the user approves the notification, application login will happen successfully with

quantum-safe cryptographic identity verification

Key Differentiators
  • Quantum safe cryptographic verification

  • Any attribute login for user.

  • Tamper proof Audit trail for authentication events.

  • Ease of integration and Rollout

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