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File Exchange Security

The use of Encryption and Decryption technologies to convert data into indecipherable secret code to prevent unauthorized access dates back to a few millennia. Trusted file exchange goes beyond encryption and needs Non-repudiation and integrity checks as well. I-AM® FES solution provides this and more out of the box. 

Integrity & Confidentiality

Maintain sanctity of files irrespective of channels. Extremely useful in straight-through processing.


Secure file Exchange through any channel

How does it work?


I-AM® Cryptographic Digital Identity Technology along with

I-AM® CI2 Identity Based Authenticated Key Agreement Protocol defines inter-identity key exchange. On successful Multi-Factor Authentication and

I-AM® CI2 handshake, the generated symmetric key between users can be used to cryptographically encrypt the asset that can then be shared over public channels to the receiving end.

user 3

An entity downloads the I-AM® Crypto app, and activates via a simple onboarding process. Uploads the file and gets the uniquely encrypted file, sends the file to another party. Receiving party checks integrity, decrypts the file and consumes it.

Configurable Authorization Matrix

File Encrypt Decrypt, are designed for highly configurable requirements where a rich set of features including but not limited to role based authorization, maker-checker workflows, group based operations, device controls, service management alerts and reports, OS agnostic agents are provided.


Use Cases

  • Host to host encrypted file transfer

  • Bulk file encryption and decryption

  • Automated back-end file transfer processes

  • Data backup and archiving

Key Differentiators

  • Flexible workflows-based encryption decryption

  • Signing and encryption for Confidentiality, non-repudiation, and integrity checks.

  • Choice of key size to fit multiple encryption algorithms

  • Real-time authentication 

  • New encryption keys for every file (non-PKI)

  • Highly scalable for bulk operations

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