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When Bob is managing the cyber security of his Company

Bob is a hero who is always trying to cut through the noise and get the right answers for his Company. 

  • Digital transformation is resulting in an increase in digital assets, the digital boundaries are blurred due to the pressure of shift-up & remote working.

  • Identity infrastructure is getting complex with a surge of digital services deployed everywhere.

Enterprise Security

Tools and technologies to implement zero trust strategy.

  • Bob also realizes VPNs are a thing of the past and attacks through VPNs are ever-increasing.

  • Compliance and regulatory framework are a drain on time and budget.

In addition to that Bob's business team told him not to impact the user experience.


After evaluating lots of zero trust access technologies we found the Fortytwo Lab's zero trust access technology far superior both for internal and remote users. What struck me most is superior authentication with a simple user experience.

Mr. Dharmesh Parikh  CIO - (Protean eGov Technologies Ltd. 
(Formerly NSDL e-Governance Infrastructure Limited)

Platform approach to improve security posture

With many point solutions for specific problems, cybersecurity leaders across the globe are vouching for a platform approach and zero trust strategy to continuously improve and maintain the security posture of an enterprise.

𝛑-Control digital trust platform offers a range of services to fulfill both requirements effectively.

Cryptographic Identity Fabric

Seamlessly integrate your identity store to create a single, tamperproof identity that can be used to access digital services securely.

Quantum Safe Algorithms

While this seems like a distant future with the pace of advancement in this field, it may happen sooner than later. The platform is build on quantum-safe algorithms. 

No need for complex Key-Management 

Unlike PKI or even other symmetric key technologies, our platform does not need any complex key management solutions. 

Zero Trust Access technology

Our zero trust access technology is highly secure and simple to use. The key feature is, using the tech enterprise can make the resources dark to everybody (inside/ outside).

Strong authentication everytime

Get power of cryptographic quantum-safe mutual authentication every time the user tries to access any of the resources. Combine this with strong MFA to improve identity security.

Featured Solutions

The 𝛑-Control platform provides an array of solutions to secure identity, and makes sure the right identity has the right access to the right resource every time.

ACCESS42 - a zero trust access tech

A superior alternative to VPNs which will thwart outsider and insider attacks. Have multi gateway support to work across multiple data centers. 

Passwordless Authentication

Passwords themselves are points of vulnerability. Make the user experience seamless and at the same time improve the security.

CIAM and Cryptographic fabric Identity

Stich together multiple "identifiers", and unify the access for all your customers whether retail or corporate. 

Versatile Multifactor Authentication

Based on the digital channel need choose from a variety of MFA including Push-notification, Softtoken, SMS/email OTPs, and On-device biometrics. 

Think you need a tailored solution?

We can help you and your organization with best suited solution

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