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Defence & Homeland

𝛑-Control platform design entails quantum-safe cryptography and we specialize in coming out with custom solutions based on the primitives developed on the platform.

The platform is also being utilized to build secure digital services with zero-trust by design

Govt and Defence

Future proof custom  security solutions for government and defence sector. 


We are proud tier 1 local cybersecurity solution providers for Indian defence and take immense pride that defence is using a solution built on our platform.

Major. (Retd) Arun Phatak (Head Defence & Aerospace Fortytwo Labs)
Goverment Of India

Featured Solutions

Built on the platform below are some of the assets which are ready to use or can be used to build custom solutions to the needs of defence and governments.


A Mil-Grade Secure USB drive has the capability to act as a quantum-safe two-factor authenticator and storage device. Agencies may configure policies for storage and usage.

Secure Messaging Solution

Works in an air-gapped network. This is a zero trace messaging solution where the sender has complete control of data even after the receiver receives the same.


Zero Trust access technology combined with a special purpose hardened terminal to securely access content and digital resources.


Secure Access Infrastructure - is a combination of AUTH42, ACCESS42 deployed on hardened Linux OS designed to operate as Kiosk.

We understand the stringent environment, attack vectors, and security needs. Do drop us a line for a platform demonstration and a free workshop. 

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