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Our tech makes it super easy to adopt Zero Trust strategy



Reportedly there is a 3000% increase in VPN attacks last year.

In the Zero Trust Access strategy, it is paramount that trust is gained and not implicitly obtained, all users should be considered threats until proven otherwise.


ACCESS42 is a technology built on this principle using cryptographic services of  “π-Control Platform” specifically to meet the needs of the hyper-connected world facing new age cyber threats alongside the challenges infused by the pandemic.

How does it work?

Deploy and Configure

Deploy ACCESS42 gateway put all of your digital services to be accessed from inside or outside behind the gateway.

Connect your IPD to the gateway and import the users. Configure either the access manually or connect your ACL to gateway by an API.


Users are notified to start the access using ACCESS42 going forward and receive the instructions to download the easy installable. Alternatively, the agent also can be pushed via update softwares.


Users then can log in using the one-time credentials received via the OOB channel. 

On changing/ setting up the new credentials users are taken to the dashboard applications, servers, and VDIs will be available for the user's basis the ACL. 


What's the difference between VPN and ACCESS42?

  • In the case of VPN after authenticating the client credentials, it creates a virtual network interface on the client machines.

  • This virtual network interface gets the IP address of the target network to which the VPN software is connecting. 

  • Once the IP address is assigned to the machine, the entire machine becomes part of the network. It can access all the network devices/resources.

  • In case the machine is already compromised, the entire network is at risk.

  • Contrary to the above ACCESS42 works by providing access to individual applications rather than bringing the entire device to the network.

  • In the Application level tunnel even if the client machine is compromised the attack vector will be reduced to a single application rather than the entire network.

  • No virtual network adapters are installed in ACCESS42.

  • In comparison with reference to the OSI model

    • Depending upon the VPN products they might work at 2 layers of the OSI model - Data Link Layer, Network Layer

    • ACCESS42 works at the network layer of the OSI model giving more control to the administrator.


Key Differentiators

  • Quantum Safe Application Layer Encrypted Tunnel ensures complete security

  • No Exposure to the network, only visibility of permitted applications for the user.

  • Highly scalable tunneling technology ensures that overheads are minimal.

  • Single Click Application Access ensures points and clicks without worrying about the URL.

  • Automated ACL and ready-to-use RESTful APIs make administration easy with control.

  • Bandwidth requirements are negligible and work seamlessly on low bandwidth.

  • Encrypted Channel ensures the MITM-proof safe passage and reduces network attacks.

  • Easy Deployment without disrupting your existing business.


MRP - INR 2,90,000/- (Subject to MoQ, Terms and Conditions Applied)

Download Datasheet

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