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  • Can we add another TCP which can be configured locally ?
    Yes but not for Payment
  • Why are the transactions not reflecting in ‘send to bank’ ?
    Because the transaction is not created in Optional.
  • Can I use multiple account nos. for payment that are under the same customer id but in different companies on Tally ?
    Yes if the ledger is created in one company.
  • Can we do bulk payment from tally?
    You Can create multiple vouchers and send it in one shot.
  • How to raise a transaction ?
    Click on voucher - Select YesBankPayment- Select yesbank Ac - Select benificary account - Payment mode E-fund- Trans type NEFT or FT - Go to bank reports - Send to bank -Select voucher - Enter I-AM Pin - Approve on I-AM APP.
  • I'm not able to make a payment to self using both Yes bank accounts. It shows me an error (Only one bank account allowed in voucher) .
    Currently we do not have this function. But you can do this by making changes in ledger. Steps:- Alter > Ledger > Select Ledger >Change Ac Type as Sunday Creditor or Debitor.
  • Setup on server: If I install the plugin on this server, will it work on all other systems connecting to the same server?
    No, we will need to install the plugin on every system individually to use Tally bulk API plugin.
  • Will this plugin affect my existing tally Data?
    No, we are just adding an add on feature that will enable you to make straight Payment transactions from tally.
  • Can I create regular vouchers while the plugin is enabled?
    Yes, can switch the voucher type from optional to regular and create regular vouchers. If this didnt work follow the setps mention below. Go to > Help > Tdl & add ons > Mange Local TDL > Make it from yes to no
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