Because VPNs are old tech to be secure, scalable and easy to use for hyperconnected remote application access, so

Secure Remote Access

An application-layer cryptographic VPN alternative.


Based on self-sovereign cryptographic digital identity, I-AM   Crypto-ID, the Pi-Control    platform couples the Cryptographic authentication with Cryptographic encryption to securely create an application layer encrypted tunnel of traffic between application and end-user computing device. 

A cool looking super secure remote access solution



"Pi-Control Access42 gateway was very easy to implement and we could tunnel some of the most critical applications within a few weeks. Users found it easy to start using."

Head of Projects at a renowned enterprise in Asia

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What's Access42 Gateway

An application-layer cryptographic VPN alternative for enabling remote access that comes built-in with multi-factor authentication, advanced eSigning, and crypto consent based transaction authorization. It works across for people, applications, devices and things and is scalable to over millions of users.

VPN Challenges, Why Access42

About half a decade ago, a defence establishment faced challenges in securing its captive information systems against a variety of threats internal and external. The solution required them to build an indigenous cryptographic platform that ensured creating cryptographic identity for all entities in action, cryptographic authentication, and integrated cryptographic encryption of the traffic. And that’s how Access42 powered by I-AM    Crypto-ID and Pi-Control     was designed and deployed.



The Story

Gartner predicts that by 2023, 60% of the enterprises will phase out most of their VPNs in favor of zero trust network access, which can take the form of a gateway or broker that authenticates both device and user before allowing role-based and context-aware access.

Challenges of VPN

  1. It’s All or None Access: Third party access permission becomes  tricky since one gets access to entire network

  2. Authentication and encryption are decoupled: This has caused VPNs to be vulnerable to umpteen number of access breaches in the past

  3. Endpoint security: After enabling access on the network endpoint security makes the VPN vulnerable

  4. Provable audit trail is missing: VPNs lack in providing provable evidential audit trail that can be understood, cross-verified by non-technical authorities

  5. Bandwidth bottleneck: All the traffic is forced through the corporate network, even if the user is browsing external content, this jeopardizes ability to work with constrained bandwidth, especially with remote workforce

  6. Upward Spiraling of Support effort and Operational Cost: VPNs are mandatorily bundled with MFA, end-point security, encryption solution etc which is all hefty to manage on day-to-day basis while costing fortune


Features and Advantages

Pi-Control     Access42 secure remote access gateway provides a cryptographically secure remote access alternative to VPN based enterprise application remote access​



Access42 Fortytwo Labs Secure Remote Acc

Pi-Control Access42 gateway is an application layer encrypted tunnel created using I-AM Cryptographic Identity coupled with cryptographic authentication.


The end user has a zero visibility into the rest of the network except for the applications enabled for access.


Owing to the fact that it works at application level, the Access42 gateway secure remote access is scalable to more than millions of users and concurrency.


It provides three click secure remote access to applications by users.


Administrators are able to automate their access-control lists and enforce policies remotely.


The solution works at the application layer, enabling it to work at lower Internet bandwidths.


The deployment is completed within 3 to 5 weeks for an enterprise class Secure Remote Access.


3-Steps to Get it Running

Step 1

Self-service user onboarding

Step 2

Administrator or policy owner grants access

Step 3

User starts accessing the application


Getting Started

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