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Digital Transformation is now a reality. The current pandemic has only served as a catalyst in the already explosive digitization boom. Enterprises have had to change their operating models digitally overnight, shifting their workforce and assets to work from home, while the customers & partners have started to prefer interacting digitally as well. Especially for verticals that deal with sensitive personally identifiable information data, this means a massive inflation of attack surface as well.

According to a new research by ISACA, a global association, Only 51 percent of technology professionals and leaders are confident that their cybersecurity teams are ready to detect and respond to the rising cybersecurity attacks during COVID-19. But this new digital first reality is now here to stay. It is hence now an imperative for digital organizations to make sure that the ‘new normal’ does not compromise on the data security or privacy of their stakeholders, without disrupting the user experience.

The usual way enterprises deal with this is through a multitude of fragmented piecemeal solutions, as depicted in the illustration below. This comes with its own share of problems like increased costs for integration, compliance and operations and also results in a fragmented experience for the end-user. It also creates a great deal of complexity for the already overtaxed security team of today.

That is where the π control, a pathbreaking Digital Identity & Cryptographic Platform can make a vast difference. It is an  All in one platform that provisions digital identities, Authentication, Access and Authorization, Confidentiality and Non-repudiation, while maintaining user privacy and application data security. It results in a simplified security architecture backed by Quantum proof cryptography, resulting in a secure digital ecosystem with interoperable cryptographic identity.


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