Because Passwordless doesn’t mean ease of use at the cost of lowered guard, so

Passwordless Crypto Authentication

Based on self-sovereign cryptographic digital identity, I-AM   Crypto-ID, the Pi-Control     Cryptographic passwordless authentication believes in an approach wherein passwordless means users don’t have to remember or use secrets, but the underlying security system can do so with cryptography



"With the help of Fortytwo Labs Pi-Control and I-AM Cryptographic Authentication technology we’ve successfully upgraded our internal and external user authentication levels"

IT Head at Reputed Bank


Passwordless Authentication Context

Everyone wants the passwordless authentication to be the authentication simply without password but no one wants it to be any easier to break into by a fraudster.

Most passwordless authentication designs rely on devices whitelisted based on last login, to get user consent to enable access or they rely on other 3rd party authentication schemes.

Passwordless Cryptographic Authentication

Pi-Control passwordless authentication is designed to perform passwordless authentication by following a symmetric key cryptography based seamless authentication consent between the end user and the application or device or IoT and vice versa 

Cryptographic Identity Verification separates Pi-Control Passwordless Cryptographic Authentication

The central idea for Pi-Control Passwordless Cryptographic  Authentication is three-fold:

  1. Be more secure with cryptographic identity verification

  2. Be simpler in user experience by being passwordless

  3. Be scalable so that passwordless security benefits can be extended to a wider audience

The user provides a cryptographic consent to the requesting application from a device where the user has activated I-AM Crypto-ID 

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Pi-Control   Cryptographic Authentication



Pi-Control     is a distributed cryptographic services platform that delivers cryptographic services out of the box. Pi-Control uses I-AM   , a self-sovereign cryptographic digital identity technology.


Pi-Control     Crypto-Auth is the Cryptographic authenticator suite of solutions delivered from Pi-Control     platform. Strong Cryptography with sophisticated digital identity technology platform, allows secure passwordless Cryptographic authentication to any digital enabled application and device. Pi-Control     facilitates cryptographic identity onboarding and subsequently enables passwordless, multifactor Cryptographic authentication.








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