Communication Tower


It based on the massively scalable I-AM Cryptographic Transaction Signing Technology. It obviates the need for multiple technologies, simplifies the user experience, deployment (being cloud native) and distribution.
It increases the speed of digital adoption and innovation due to the new paradigm seamless, transparent adaptive security control model.
π-CONTROL Platform can secure all Digital Transactions. E.g. Online Funds Transfers, Internet Banking Access, POS & ATM transactions, API Banking transactions, Limits and Approvals, Live Communications, Bill Payments, Remittances, Deal and Loan approvals, Cash Advances, Credit and Debit Card Controls and more.
YES Bank, India’s fastest growing private bank is the co-innovation partner for this venture.

Designer Notebook


This project is in stealth mode. Stay tuned as more information will be revealed soon.


Swarm Drones

Flocking behavior which is common in insects, birds and few animals is now being mimicked using autonomous drones who works on collective information model. The applications of Swarm drones are numerous including search and rescue, forest fire monitoring and fighting, other emergency response needs, defense strengthening where large area can be monitored without need of supervision etc. 

 We have successfully flight tested the initial prototype and will be coming out with more exciting news soon.