Cryptographic Use Cases

Cryptographic Authentication

Pi-Control Cryptographic Authentication is a more secure alternative to traditional password based security. It is a scalable alternative to PKI

Advanced E-Signature

PKI (DSC) based E-Signature is secure but unscalable for growing number of digital transactions. Simple E-sign is scalable but causes repudiation. Pi-Control Advanced E-Sign is scalable as well as non-repudiation proof.

Passwordless Authentication

Pi-Control passwordless authentication replaces password by cryptographic user consent thereby making authentication simpler and secure

Multi-Factor Authentication

Pi-Control multi-factor authentication redesigns MFA around the 3 pillars of authentication with the help of cryptography. MFA becomes simplified and scalable with Pi-Control.

Secure Remote Access

Pi-Control identity based encryption with cryptographic authentication ensures that every packet sent over an unsecure channel is guarded from any unsolicited intrusion