FortyTwo Labs will work on developing solutions to problems that will have a massive positive impact on the human lives globally. Our mission is to create a radically new model of business and technology innovation life cycle management and commercialization that is primarily centered on the inventors/innovators, the entrepreneurs, founders, team members and customers to create a sustainable long-term value based innovation ecosystem.


We identify high impact business and technology problems that have a massive impact and create dedicate teams that focus on these problems to develop the relevant business and technology solutions. Unlike Venture Capital firms, we invest in developing the intellectual property in our Labs, develop the business model, identify and work closely with the beta customers, and only after the product market fit is clearly identified, we spin-off the venture in to a separate subsidiary.

We also identify third party intellectual property (Technology and Products) and bring them in to the Lab to build the necessary commercialization model around them. We work closely with academic institutes and collaborate with them to invest build cutting edge technologies and solutions that may have a slightly long-term innovation cycles.


We hire scientists, technologists, architects, product managers, business managers and entrepreneurs, and also investors-in-residence.

There are various Labs and centers of excellence within FortyTwo Labs focusing on specific areas of research and development. We collaborate with our co-innovation partners (enterprise customers) and jointly work with them to apply the technologies that will solve specific business/technology problems.

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